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Traditional rules do not apply to 3D printing

An infinite number of complex shapes can be created; organic forms, nested shapes (printing an object in another object), fully aerodynamic shapes and forms that are very strong while requiring only little material.

Variety of printable materials

Many materials can already be printed; at the moment the majority of desktop 3D printing is focused on printing with plastic filament. The development in this area is on a roll and options are expanding fast. For example the use of filaments like laybrick, laywood or nylon can already add a very distinct character to a 3D print.

Designs can be produced anytime and anywhere

The modern artist will be able to reproduce work infinitely by using 3D printing rather than make an exclusive “one of kind” piece. This is a new way of thinking that will also need time to be accepted by artists and designers. Artists can also offer a new way of shopping online. Consumers can buy digital files and print their 3D art at home. This will make it possible for artists to sell their products to anyone with a 3D printer: stores, stock, locations and shipping costs are no longer an issue.


Although the possibilities for retailers seem great, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Can you imagine?! Retailers will have to experiment with the different techniques and materials to discover all the possibilities of 3D printing. At the same time more techniques and materials will become available in desktop 3D printing making it an ongoing process of discovery. It is not a one-day process but over time you will experience the true potential. Well, that is exciting!